Our white sourdough bread is a blue ribbon! These very attractive loaves have a soft crust and a light, airy interior. They are very slowly leavened with a unique whole wheat preferment resulting in an excellent, complex flavor. Slowly fermented breads are easiest to digest. Pairs well with anything!

*Organic Ingredients
*12% Whole Grains (Freshly Milled)
*Excellent Shelf Life

Whole Wheat Sourdough

Our whole wheat sourdough bread is our most special product as it best embodies the spirit of the bakery. The wheat for this bread is sourced locally from family farms including the Up In Gill Farm in Gill and the Lazy Acres Farm in Hadley. The flavor of the bread changes from season to season, from batch to batch, but it is always interesting, hearty, and complex. Flour milled fresh at the time the dough is made. Very slowly leavened. Simply the healthiest and most sustainable bread in the valley. Pairs well with nut butters and sharp cheeses.

*Locally Sourced Ingredients!
*100% Whole Grains (Freshly Milled)

Multigrain Sourdough

Our multigrain sourdough bread is the best seller at the Greenfield Farmers' Market. It is a versatile and comforting loaf. It has a very soft crust and moist interior. The seeds in this bread are sprouted resulting in a lovable seedy flavor that is barely sour. Pairs well with nut butters, mild cheeses, and is great for sandwiches.

*Organic Ingredients
*33% Whole Grains (Freshly Milled)

Sourdough Rye

Our rye bread is a "medium" rye with caraway seeds. It is very slowly leavened with a unique whole rye preferment. Slowly fermented breads are easiest to digest. Rye has a penchant for fermentation, and this loaf has an excellent sour flavor. Pairs well with nut butters, sharp cheeses, and meats.

*Organic Ingredients
*33% Whole Grains (Freshly Milled)


There are many different types of baguettes and ours is a sourdough. They are crusty and airy. Simple flavor. Looks very classy on your table!


Everyone Loves Ciabatta!

Our Ciabatta is prepared in a somewhat classic Italian style. These sweet, yeasted white breads have a lot of character, and they look very attractive on the table or in bread baskets. They have a soft crust and a light, airy interior. Pairs well with butter, olive oil, and garlic.